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this is nacht's blog of shit. there won't be much or anything rping junk here because--that shit's personal. you wanna find out, you gotta ask. off anon. but heyyyy. there'll be some pokemon trading and other gaming shit on here.

blobinthesky said: ooo i heard from my career counselor that mbti results can fluctuate over time and that they can differ esp if you’ve taken it already and are conscious of the results… idk though ;; either way i don’t think you should worry too much about it!!

oh. that makes sense. ‘cause, you wouldn’t want to be like ‘so and so’ and you’d change your results. ah, mine told me something similar—like to adapt to a situation you’d change your personality. mine told me something similar when i talked to them about my career path and how mine had changed the first time. now it’s back to the way i was in high school. 

but yeah. not stressing over it. it’s just a curiosity. 

blobinthesky said: don’t mbti results tend to fluctuate in general over the years? esp as a self-assessment and all

orly? i just remember in psychology that your personality is supposed to settle in your 20s unless some major psychological shit happens to you that sends you off balanced. then you spend the rest of time trying to return to equilibrium again, after, you know, that issue (whatever threw you off balanced) settles

apparently, i’m an intp again???? after taking that test over again. wow. personality is supposed to settle around the early twenties and i’m fluctuating ??? 


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